At home, in the office or in a store, the most important issue for an interior designer is, of course, lighting. Unfortunately the lighting is an issue that is still ignored, left to the last minute and often overlooked. However, it is always lighting that ensures unity. You can put a place into a very different atmosphere with different lighting tricks, or you can give a very beautiful place an extremely bad appearance with wrong lighting.

The lightings used in the existing spaces are used to create the general perception. In other words, it is the lighting that completes the integrity, allowing us to choose the items in the space and move comfortably.

To create good lighting;

It is necessary to pay attention to the different heights in the spaces. To give another example, instead of using many spotlights on a large living room ceiling, we can capture the same amount of light with a pendant chandelier or with floor lamps and lampshades depending on the size of the space.

In kitchens, when adjusting the lighting scheme, we should consider not only the middle of the kitchen but also the working areas. In other words, the lighting above the stove, under the counter and the lighting we will use on the table is important in terms of the light arrangement and the working environment.

There should be lighting next to the mirrors in the bathrooms. It does not only provide integrity in decoration, but also solves the shadow that occurs in the bathroom.

In the living rooms, of course, the pendant lamps you will place on the dining table and in the middle of the sitting area will regulate the lighting. Floor lamps in the corners and lampshades on the side tables can be used to assist these illuminations. Let’s not forget that the most important place in lighting is the hall and corridors. Incorrect or incomplete lighting arrangement can disrupt the whole concept and perception.

Finally, using abundant lighting is not creating the right lighting. The important thing when creating the lighting scheme is to provide the natural one. Using the right lighting also affects body health. It also provides a comfortably spacious environment.

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